For the time of quarantine Library adds more services which you can receive remotely.
Meanwhile in the Library building you can still ask for information at the Information desk,
borrow books to read at home and return earlier borrowed editions back to the collection.

Ask a librarian

Do you have questions? Ask the librarians of Information desk in any way convenient for

  • directly at the Library Information desk (1st floor);
  • call +38 (044) 204-82-75;
  • via e-mail: ;
  • chat with librarian at the website;
  • at the library Telegram chat and on Facebook page.

We will answer all your questions about library work, its services, informational resources, and
more complex questions we will address to the relevant library subdivision.
Also you can check the page «FAQ» at the website, there might already be the information you are looking for.


Only Igor Sikorsky KPI students and employees can receive books and other documents from the Library fund to work with them at home.

To take books home:

  • order them via My Account in electronic
    catalogue. Order is delivered during 1 hour;
  • pick the order at the check-in desk you chose.
    You must bring with you student or reader ID.


Students, teachers, and staff of Igor Sikorsky KPI who are registered library users and live outside Kyiv can order and receive books from library collection by «Nova poshta» or «Ukrposhta».

  • service is available during adaptive quarantine;
  • you can order no more than 5 items at once;
  • all the postage expenses are on the reader who orders the service;
  • users who have not returned books to the Library on time can not receive the

How to use

To receive books from library collection by post:

  • order the book online in electronic catalogue;
  • fill the form;
  • receive books at the post office and send confirmation of receiving books to
    the address .

To check out the books on your account your password in electronic catalogue will be changed to standard (your date of birth in format ddmmyyyy). After receiving the package you can change the password back.

If you need help, please contact librarians in any convenient way:

  • by the phone +38 (044) 204-82-75;
  • by e-mail , ;
  • in the chat with librarian on the website;
  • in library chat in Telegram and on Facebook page.

You can not take outside the Library

  • patent documentation;
  • norms and specifications;
  • rare and valuable materials;
  • documents received within the interlibrary loan;

How to return books to the Library

  • by «Nova poshta»: Kyiv, post office №70, Peremohy Avenue, 20;
  • by «Ukrposhta» to the address: Igor Sikorsky KPI Scientific and Technical Library 03056, Kyiv, Peremohy Avenue 37-L

Book return

If you borrowed books and other documents from the library fund to read at home, you can return them by using Book return box that is in the hall of the library 1st floor.

Remark: for all the readers, who took books and did not manage to return them because of the quarantine, the circulation period was prolonged till the end of quarantine.

Access to the informational resources

Library Electronic catalogue

Electronic catalogue contains titles of all the documents that are in printed collections of the
Library. Temporary (during the quarantine) you can not order and use them. But you can prepare reference lists for your research papers or lists of recommended literature to educational programs.

ElAKPI – electronic archive

Electronic archive contains scientific and educational materials of the staff and students
of Igor Sikorsky KPI. Most of documents are of free access, full texts available in the Internet.

Access to the «local» materials in the electronic archive ElAKPI

Students and staff of Igor Sikorsky KPI can receive remote access to the materials which
are available only in the local University network. To have access please:
1. Register
2. Fill online form

Academic and educational resources of open access

At this page we collected the full-text databases with documents for research and education. Resources in open access that can be used free in the Internet are marked with the open lock.

Electronic documents delivery

We provide the students and staff of the Igor Sikorsky KPI electronic documents delivery from the informational platforms of publishing houses Springer Nature and Wiley (during the
trial period).

To find the materials search in the collections of Springer Nature, and/or De Gruyter.

To receive the full text, please fill the online form.


Information on availability of the certain publication in the KPI Library or any other libraries of Ukraine and the world

If you do not know in which library of Ukraine and the world there is the publication you need, you can send your request to the e-mail:

Please add as much information about the publication as you can: author, title, year of publishing.

Search and selection of informational resources by the themes

If you need information on certain topic please write us on e-mail:

We will prepare for you the list of sources that are at the KPI Library catalogue, electronic archive of scientific and educational materials of Igor Sikorsky KPI, libraries of Ukraine and open access resources.

Information about old books, editions of the XIX – first half of the XX century

If you need information about rare books, editions of the XIX – first half of the XX century, please write to one of the e-mails:

Maryna Miroshnychenko:
Liudmyla Hunko:
Oksana Dygas:
Iryna Lytvynenko:

Search and selection of the informational resources from the rare and valuable books collection by the themes

If you need information from the collection of rare and valuable books on certain topic, please write to one of the e-mails:

Maryna Miroshnychenko:
Liudmyla Hunko:
Oksana Dygas:
Iryna Lytvynenko:

Informing the researchers, lecturers, students

If you want to receive information about the resources for information search, webinars for researchers, methodological publications, instructions for work with digital instruments, please write a letter to with theme «Individual information».

Consulting researchers, lecturers, students

We propose individual consultations on wide range of issues attached to the research, studying and teaching. During the quarantine we consult via e-mail

About the access to the databases and checking the academic texts on plagiarism signs

Consultant: Olena Kosmina

About the publication activity, defining scientometric indexes, electronic documents delivery

Consultant: Svitlana Kyryliuk

About citation format and compiling lists of references due to the Ukrainian and International citation standards

Consultant: Tetiana Nizhynska

About the bibliographic descriptions of the editions of the XIX – beginning of the XX century

Consultant: Iryna Lytvynenko

About the KPI, history of science and technology, engineering education

Maryna Miroshnychenko:
Oksana Dygas:

About the rare and valuable books collections of the KPI Library

Consultant: Liudmyla Hunko

About using virtual collections of e-catalogue «Rare and valuable books» and «History of Igor Sikorsky KPI»

Consultant: Iryna Lytvynenko

Online counseling and educational activities for researchers, teachers, students

All registered users of the Library can receive an individual consultation on a particular topic at the Center for Information Support of Education and Research or order an online event for a group of researchers. Counseling and educational activities take place using the Zoom service. Registration form.

Consultations for editorial boards representatives and conferences organizational committees

Consultant: Marija Fedorets

Consultations on downloading materials to the electronic archive ElAKPI

Placement of materials for the quarantine period you can only self-archive materials as described in the instruction. Registration of the user and placement of materials in ElAKPI.

Consultations via e-mail:

UDC code determination

You can order determination of code due to the Universal decimal classification (UDC) for your article, bachelor or master paper, dissertation abstract, dissertation by filling online-form.

Compiling reference lists for accreditation by request from the departments and faculties

We provide to the faculties and departments of Igor Sikorsky KPI information about the resources for disciplines that is necessary for accreditation/licensing of higher educational
institutions as required by the Ministry of education and science of Ukraine.

To receive information, please write to the e-mail:

Book exchange

We offer libraries and other organizations cooperation within the framework of internal and external book exchange. You can view the list of publications for book exchange in the exchange fund. For more detailed information on book exchange, please contact

Organization of online-events

If you want to organize the event online or to place the information about your lecture on the
KPI Library web pages, please write a letter to with a theme
«Organization of online-event» or fill the form.


+38 (044) 204-82-75
37 Peremohy Avenue, Kyiv
03056, Ukraine