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Discussion: «Synergy of orientations: what to do with libraries after the war?»

On the All-Ukrainian Library Day, the KPI Library invites Good library! @Luhansk OUN_B #traveling_library

We meet in the hall of our library for a live discussion:

  • how do librarians talk about the war now and how to talk about it later?
  • do library users themselves see this conversation about war? What formats, approaches are more suitable?
  • accelerated transformations in libraries as a reaction to a full-scale invasion: what was saved and what was forever abandoned?
  • occupation from the inside: how can the experience of the occupation be used to one’s advantage?
  • what challenges and crises will librarians have to face after the war and what way out of the traumatic situation is there already?

Among the speakers of the discussion:

Levon Azizyan – human rights defender, animal rights activist, Wikipedian, local historian, organizer of cultural and environmental events in Severodonetsk;

Oksana Bruy – president of the Ukrainian Library Association, director of the KPI Library;

Arif Bagirov is a blogger, journalist and local historian from Severodonetsk.

Vladyslav Fesenko – blogger from Starobilsk;

Yulia Bilovytska – librarian of the Severodonetsk City Public Library;

The event will be moderated by Good library librarians Yulia Lysyuk and Anastasia Litashova.

To visit the Library, you must have a student card, pass or passport with you.

Watch the broadcast of the event:

on the Good library Instagram page.

and YouTube channels of the KPI Library.

Бібліотека КПІ 30 вересня 2022 р., 16:00


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