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Repositories for the promotion of research data and scientific publications

We propose the resources which can be used by the authors to share the results of their researches (preprints, published materials and more), also, for sharing the research data.

Registry of research data repositories re3data.org

The multidisciplinary registry allows easy identification of repositories (the ones that contain research data, not only the scientific publications), define their functional possibilities and how open they are.

Electronic Archive of Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute research and educational materials (ElAKPI)

Educational and research materials of the university staff, lecturers, PhDs and post-doctoral students of the University have to be placed into ELAKPI for the effective representation in open access.

User registration and submission of materials to ELAKPI (manual).

Other Repositories


The largest electronic archive of preprint materials in physic, mathematics, astronomy, and computer sciences.


The repository is open for all scientists, no matter what is their research field or the financial aid sources. All the deposits are saved at the CERN Data Centre. Any deposit to Zenodo receives DOI for free.


Cloud technology service to store and manage scientific documents, which allows safely manage your research results and make them visible, accessible and citable.


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