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RFID-technologies in KPI Library

The KPI library has one of the best ALEPH library systems in the world, which has automated the main processes: acquisition, cataloging, inventory, circulation, etc. Our user can find and order the desired book without leaving home – just go to the e-catalog and press a few keys, and then pick up your order in the library – at a convenient time.

But there is another technological solution that will facilitate the search for the desired knowledge, speed up access to information. This is a technology of radio frequency identification, in short – RFID. It involves applying special labels to each book and using special software, readers.

Thanks to the implementation of this technology, the user will receive:

  • free access to the sources of information (books, journals, etc.) – the ability to independently search, thumb, select publications from the shelves, move with selected books around the library; 
  • convenient search of editions from among 2 million 600 thousand copies – the location of the necessary book can be found out by the means of the established labels and software; 
  • the ability to independently check out books on a reader’s library account in the self-service terminal. At the time of self-service check out, the RFID mark receives the information about the permission to remove this book from the library. Similarly, the user can return checked out books; 
  • feeling comfortable in the library – the user can be as independent as he wants.

Also RFID-technologies automate such library processes as receiving of new acquisitions, search of the ordered book in storage, return of the book to a place of storage, inventory of materials, search of  the incorrectly placed books, book check out, control of books being carried out of the library. As a result, librarians will be able to devote more time and effort to the implementation of educational initiatives, interaction with users, providing them with comprehensive assistance in studying or research.

In addition to books, RFID tags can be used to equip technical equipment, such as laptops or tablets for borrowing to users.

To implement the project, we need to raise 1,200,000 UAH  to purchase marks, readers, software, security gates, book check out and return terminals, a printer for marks coding and barcode application.

Support the project

You can help the ‘RFID-technologies in KPI Library’ financially, transferring money as charitable contributions. The library is open for cooperation and dialogue.

Bank account details for charitable contributions:

Receiving Organization: Благодійна організація «Благодійний фонд “Асоціація випускників Київського політехнічного інституту імені Ігоря Сікорського”»
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