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Open online resources for studying, teaching, development

We prepared for students, teachers and everyone interested the list of online resources for studying, teaching, research and development.

https://www.coursera.org – online-courses in different disciplines. Coursera works with universities in many countries of the world to create and represent their courses online. Now
there are available courses in engineering, computer sciences, mathematics, business, social and humanitarian sciences, medicine, biology etc.

https://prometheus.org.ua – Ukrainian public project of massive open online courses. At the
platform, everyone interested can watch the best studying courses from the leading lecturers,
universities and other world organizations.

https://www.classcentral.com – a platform that unites online courses of many universities. Here
you can not only find educational courses in almost any subject, but also read the comments of other users.

https://classroom.google.com – free service for educational institutions, non-commercial
organizations and individual Google users. It allows everyone to create educational courses,
give access to the tasks and check the results.


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