Art Objects

Largest in Ukraine Foucault Pendulum

One of the peculiarities of the KPI Library is Foucault pendulum. Its creation was initiated by the administration of NTUU KPI, all the production and installation works were done by the research and production laboratory «Didaktik». The official pendulum opening ceremony was held on February 24, 2011. Pendulum wire longitude is 22 m, ball weight – 43 kg, ball diameter – 28 cm. The location of Foucault pendulum at KPI Library is symbolic because the library is the main place for keeping and spreading fundamental theoretical knowledge and science information. The regular demonstration of a device shows Earth spin on its axis and how the construction has helped to admit and confirm the heliocentric theory of Nicolaus Copernicus and researches and deductions of Galileo Galilei.

Walls Art at the Library Halls

Large and bright murals on the walls decorate halls on the four floors of the Library and attract visitors’ attention. Famous Ukrainian muralist V. I. Pasyvenko, the laureate of Shevchenko National Prize, ornamented the halls of KPI Library in 1981. The murals were named after general theme «Human and Nature». There are murals «Human and fire», «Human and water», «Human and earth», «Human and space». Symbolic and beautiful images demonstrate the unity of nature and humanity. They are the background for expositions, concerts, photo shootings, music videos and more.

«Heavenly Cranes’ Installation»

On the first floor of KPI Library, in the lobby, the memorable installation «Heavenly Cranes» is exhibited. It depicts the act of heroism of the Heavenly Hundred Heroes and the deceased ATO heroes from Kyiv Polytechnic. Installation officially opened on February 20, 2017, at the Day of Heavenly Hundred in memory of Heavenly Hundred Heroes and the deceased ATO soldiers to immortalize their deed. All the composition elements are symbolic. The main symbol is a sky-blue cube as a sign of imperishability, symbol of eternity and infinity. The cranes that fly out the surnames of deceased – immortal souls that symbolize the transition from earth life to eternal life. Names and surnames of deceased ATO soldiers – Heroes from Kyiv Polytechnic University – are enlisted on another, dark-blue cube. All elements of the installation are united by the life-affirming slogan «Heroes Don’t Die». Author: Nadiia Bielikova, Cultural and Educational Department of KPI Library.

Library installations

There is a tradition in the KPI Library – to create temporary art objects with special spatial and semantic contexts of objects and materials, which give the viewer the opportunity to get into a special artistic and semantic space and capture the multidimensionality of meaning – installation.

The authors of the works are talented library creators Natalia Manzhulo and Nadiia Bielikova. The co-authors of creative compositions are Natalia Kostiuchenko, Svitlana Lebedeva, Tetiana Tatarynova, Lilia Russu.


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