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General Information
General library collection (checked 1.10.2018) is 2 578 393 book items, 26 058 electronic resources (includes 5 474 electronic textbooks and manuals), subscribed data bases: LLC ‘Informatio’ EBSCO PUBLISHING та LLC ‘Publishing House “CUL”’, and the subscribed online journal ‘Job Safety’ (‘Ohorona praci’, published in Ukrainian).
Links to the virtual collections:
New acquisitions
Exchange fund
Virtual Collection ‘Works of the Igor Sikorsky KPI lecturers’

History of Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute Book Collection
Book collection dedicated to the history of Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute is a gathering of different materials of unique historical and scientific value. It includes works of University researchers from the moment of University foundation; manuscripts and archive materials – biographies, memoirs, recollections of outstanding professors and lecturers of the University; historical essays on faculty and University departments activity during the 120 years of its’ existence; book editions about history of higher education in Ukraine and worldwide; drawings of the KPI buildings complex in 1975-1984.

The collection includes the smaller collection ‘Works of KPI Scientists’ – works of the researchers of NTUU ‘Kyiv Polytechnic Institute’ from the moment of its’ foundation. This collection has almost 3500 items of works by scientists, professors, and lecturers of the University: works by V. L. Kirpichov, V. H. Shaposhnikov, S. P. Tymoshenko, I. O. Paton, H. C. Pysarenko, L. I. Antropov, K. I. Vashchenko, H. I. Denysenko, M. O. Kilchevskyi, K. H. Samofalov, Y. K. Trokhymenko, I. M. Chyzhenko, L. S. Iampolskyi, M. Z. Zhurovskyi, M. A. Pavlovskyi and more. Some editions have extraordinary value because they have autographs of famous scientists, dedicatory inscriptions, scientific marks, rare photographs.

The documents that represent University history through facts, numbers, and names are unique. Here are some of the documents:

  • ‘Statute of Alexander II Kiev Polytechnic Institute’ (1898),
  • ‘Regulations of behavior for the students’, compiled by S. I. Vitte,
  • ‘Staff of KPI’ 1900-1917,
  • ‘Alphabetic list of Alexander II KPI for academic year 1899-1900’,
  • ‘Report on the state of KPI’,
  • ‘Reports on the activity of Kyiv Polytechnic society of engineers and agronomists’,
  • ‘Studying plans of mechanical and engineering departments’.

The old KPI photo-albums are of great value: ‘Album of the first graduates of chemical department 1898-1903 yrs.’, ‘Collection of photographic prints of Emperor Alexander II KPI, made for the album, presented to the former Director V. L. Kirpichov in 1902’.
At this collection are also stacked materials about the Library origin and evolvement: ‘Library regulations’ 1899 y., ‘Plan of the systematic catalogue of Emperor Alexander II KPI Library’ 1902 y., ‘Students’ reading room. Book catalogue. 1907.’
Book collection dedicated to the history of Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute constantly received new items. University lecturers considers it their duty to pass their publications to the Library collection.

Rare and Valuable Documents Department of Scientific and Technical Library of Kyiv Polytechnic
Rare and Valuable Documents Department of Scientific and Technical Library of Kyiv Polytechnic contains many literary monuments that brightly depict the history of the development of Ukrainian and foreign science and technics.
It contains:
• unique book editions – single courses in technical disciplines, multi-volume collections of academic papers, rare textbooks of the beginning of the XIX century, works of Ukrainian and world classics of science and technics, biographical dictionaries, reference editions;
• periodicals – journals, scientific bulletins, papers of different scientific organizations et al.
Rare and valuable books collection include foreign and Ukrainian old printed books (published before 1830):
– ‘Elementa chemiae’ by Herman Boerhaave (1732 y.),
– works on applied chemistry by French chemist and statesman Jean-Antoine Claude Chaptal (‘Elemens de chymie’ 1796 y. and ‘Chimie appliquée aux arts’ 1807 y.),
– researches of famous Swedish chemist and pharmacist, discoverer of many organic and inorganic substances C. W. Sheele (‘Opuscula chemica et physica’ 1788 y.).

The collection is enriched by unique multi-volume edition ‘Dictionnaire technologique, ou nouveau dictionnaire universel des arts et métiers, et de l’économie industrielle et commerciale’, printed in 1822-1829 yrs. in France, it represents the evolution of technologies and crafts at the beginning of the XIX century. Equally valuable publication is the work of French physicist, astronomer and geodesist J.-B. Biot ‘Traité élémentaire d’astronomie physique’, published in 1810-1811 yrs.

Many interesting works represent mathematics:
– ‘Introduction a l’analyse infinitesimal’ by Leonhard Euler (1835),
– ‘Course of mathematics’ (1823) and ‘Basics of Algebra’ (in Russian) (1838) by François de Lacroix,
– ‘Algebra: Taken as guidance for teaching at the Institute of Transport Routs Corpus’ (in Russian, 1833) by P. L. Burdon,
– ‘Theory of Congruences’ (in Russian) (1849 y.) by Paul Chebyshev,
– two-volume ‘Mécanique analytique’ (1811-1819) by J. L. Lagrange – French astronomer, mechanic, which is, along with Euler, one of the greatest mathematicians of the XVIII century; works by Henri Poincaré, Évariste Galois, Gaspard Prony and many others.

Bernard Bélidor ‘Architecture hydraulique, ou L’art de conduire, d’élever et de ménager les eaux pour les différens besoins de la vie’ (1819) remains valuable to this day. It is a collection of knowledge in the field of a practical and applied mechanic. Researches and calculations of the scientist had a huge impact on science in the subsequent centuries. The book is also considered to be one of Europe’s first engineering directories with a solid theoretical basis.

In addition to technical publications, the collection presents literature on architecture and art, fiction and memoirs. For example, there is two-volume ‘Guide to the History of Arts’ (1869-1870) of the German scientist Franz Kugler (one of the first European art historians) and ‘The History of Painting’ (1912) by Alexandre Benois.

Since the beginning of the formation of the library, a large number of periodicals of the ХІХ and early ХХ centuries came to the collection. In particular, one of the first technical journals in Europe ‘Polytechnische Journal’ (Polytechnic journal, 1822-1899) is stored here. Throughout the nineteenth century, it was an important source of technical knowledge and technologies. Also, the collection presents the engineering journals of the XIX century – from the Russian Empire, Germany, Great Britain, and France; numerous periodicals on physics, chemistry, engineering, construction, and architecture; bulletins of scientific societies. Such publications today have become a unique source for studying the history of the formation and development of world science and technology.

Historical studies and research materials are published by the department’s employees on the pages of the ‘Early Books of the Kyiv Polytechnic’ blog and eponymous page on Facebook. Anyone interested in these materials can see them there.

Exchange Fund
The exchange fund is universal in its content and includes books, collections of scientific works, periodicals and continuing publications, conference materials, etc.
List of the books for exchange
For more information on the book exchange, please contact the Acquisition and Scientific Processing of Documents Department.
Contact person:
Tatyana Zhestkova
+38 (044) 204-97-53

Virtual Collection of New Acquisitions
A virtual collection of new Acquisitions consists of the publications that the Library received during the last three months.

Virtual Collection ‘Works of the Igor Sikorsky KPI lecturers’
The collection includes full-text scientific and educational materials written by the KPI lecturers.


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