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Mission, Values, Reports


Whom we want to be

KPI Library – intellectual, communicative, innovative open platform; reliable partner of university and professional community in educational and scientific environment development

  • Intellectuality - Library enhances birth of new knowledge and ideas; knowledge and ideas are born by the Library
  • Communicativeness - Library is a comfortable physical and virtual environment for users’ communication; Library is situated in the center of University scientific communication
  • Innovativeness - Librarians constantly explore, learn, acquire, implement and disseminate innovations
  • Reliable partner - Of the University in development of educational and scientific environment; professional community in development of information and library studies in Ukraine
  • Open platform for community - Open for everyone who has the same goals and value


Why do we exist, what we do and for whom?

Library together with KPI community and for KPI community develops creative, comfortable and safe environment that supports research, studying and teaching and self-development in order to build a research university of the world-class


People and the Team

  • We respect and trust each other
  • We are responsible towards each other
  • We value an input of each Library employee into realization of the strategy
  • We support realization of professional potential of each Library employee
  • We are the team of people thinking the same way with common vision, common actions and common achievements

Clients and Service

  • We consider each Library client unique and important
  • We respond to clients’ inquiries, needs, and expectations quickly and reasonably
  • We improve our services due to the needs of our clients
  • We are oriented on users and we do our best to create comfortable conditions for their studying, research and work
  • We are responsible for keeping to commitment we have to our users, for the quality of our resources and services

Community and Partnership

  • We create and develop environment of trust. Respect and integrity are the basis of our success
  • We unite people, support community development and enhance creating new ideas
  • We extend partnership relations to reach common goals

Openness and Accessibility

  • We make Library accessible and convenient for each person
  • We make our resources and services maximally open
  • We are open for communication with users, colleagues and partners

Development and Innovativeness

  • We constantly learn, improve our professional level and exchange knowledge
  • We conduct research and implement innovations

Ecology friendliness

  • We keep up with ecological principles and promote conscious consumption
  • We cooperate with KPI community and partners fir realization of ecological initiatives and projects


+38 (044) 204-82-75
37 Beresteysʹkyy (Peremohy) Avenue,
Kyiv, 03056, Ukraine

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