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Databases, patents, standards, official documents

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Consultations for researchers: Olena Kosmina
Education and Research Informational Support Center
Phone: +38 (044)204-96-72 | E-mail: o.kosmina@library.kpi.ua
Electronic Library of Dissertation Abstracts (Resources of the Vernadsky National Library of Ukraine)

Full text of abstracts of dissertations, defended in Ukraine since 1998.

Scientific electronic library of periodical publications of NASU

Library with open access to periodicals of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. Archive contains 454 journals titles, 5416 issues, 115155 articles.

Scientific periodicals of Ukraine (Association URAN)

Register of scientific periodical publications of Ukraine on the platform Open Journal Systems (OJS).

Scientific periodicals Ukraine (Resources of Vernadsky National Library of Ukraine)

Ukrainian scientific periodicals, represented in the collections of Vernadsky National Library of Ukraine in printed and in electronic versions.

Bibliographic database «Ukrainian studies academic» (Resources of Vernadsky National Library of Ukraine)

National bibliographic resources, presented by field series of Ukrainian abstract journal «Source». Represents science, technical, social, humanitarian and medical studies.

ABC Chemistry

Catalogue of free full-text journals on chemistry of different publishers (accessible constantly and temporarily), in English and Russian. Journals’ list is constantly renewed.

Acronym Finder

Referential database of acronyms and abbreviations.Contains more than 1 million of abbreviations and their explanations. Allows search and view abbreviations in categories: informational technologies, military science and government, business and finance, science and
medicine, organizations and schools, slang and pop-culture.

ADS (Astrophysics Data System)

Astrophysical informational system of NASA, portal for researchers in astronomy and physics.

Physics, Astronomy
AMS Open Math Notes

Open archive of papers in mathematics, created by American mathematical society in support of researchers, teachers and students, Contains course papers, teaching books, results of researches etc.


Open archive of electronic publications of scientific articles and their pre-prints in
physics, mathematics, astronomy, computer sciences and biology, created on the
basis of Cornell University Library.

Physics, Mathematics
BASE (Bielefeld Academic Search Engine)

Multidisciplinary research system of academic resources that is supported by the
Library of Bielefeld University. Contains references to more than 120 millions documents from over 6000 sources.

Bioline International

Open access to peer-reviewed journals in medical and biological sciences, published in the developing countries.

BioMed Central

Approximately 300 of peer-reviewed journals in biology, clinical medicine and health
care available in open access.


Contains newest scientific researches in biology, ecology and environmental sciences.
Has more than 200 titles of journals (25 of them in open access).

Biology, ecology and environmental sciences

Database of chemicals and chemical mixtures that belongs to the Royal Society of Chemistry of Great Britain. Gives quick access to more


Database contains information on chemicals with references to their synthesis and physical


Search system and electronic library of scientific publications in computer sciences and informatics. Proposes wide range of additional possibilities for search and analysis of articles.

Computer sciences
Cogprints (Cognitive Sciences E-Print Archive)

Open repository of electronic documents in cognitive sciencesL psychology, linguistics, computer sciences, philosophy, biology and other sciences that relate to learning the cognition.

Social sciences
DART-Europe E-theses Portal

Full texts of research theses and diploma papers from over 300 of Universities in European countries.


Dimensions allows users to find and receive access to the most relevant information on
their researchers, to analyse quickly results of scientific researchers and accumulate ideas for forming research and publication strategies. Resourсe combines the information about tens of
millions of scientific articles, patents, fellowships, clinical researches, and also other related data.


Academic archive of scientific and research publications, including diploma papers and theses that were published and registered in Scandinavian universities and colleges.

DOAB (Directory of Open Access Books)

Directory of Open Access Books. Provides access to metadata and full texts of books of academic publishers that support open access principle.

DOAJ (Directory of Open Access Journals)

Catalogue of peer-reviewed scientific and academic journals in all fields of knowledge, publishers of which support open access principle.


International open repository of scientific publications in the fields of library science and informatics.

Library science
EThOS (Electronic Theses Online Service)

Access to scientific works, dipoma papers and theses from open archives of British universities.

EuroDocs: Online Sources for European History

Portal contains links to the open access European sources, where the primary historical documents are preserved, related to the wide circle of historical events (political, economical, social, and cultural).

Social and political, economical and humanitarian sciences

European digital library, provides access to more than 50 millions digitalized objects: books, music, photo, audio, video, art objects etc.

Humanitarian sciences
Free Medical Journals

Full texts of medical journals.


Search system that indexes more than 80 millions of free links to the full texts of scientific articled, reviews and theses in PDF format. Materials in the fields of medicine, biology, chemistry, physics, materials science and humanitarian sciences.

Google Book Search

Service of full-text search of the books, digitalized by Google company.

Google Scholar

Search system that indexes full texts of scientific publications in different formats in different disciplines.

HighWire Press

Scientific portal of Stanfird University Library that gives access to more than 7,5 millions of full-text peer-reviewed articles in different sciences, about 2 millions of them are in free access.


Search among peer-reviewed open access academic journals of publishing corporation Hindawi. Contains publications in engineering, mathematics, physics, chemistry, computer sciences, biology, medicine etc.

IMF eLibrary

Online library of the International Monetary Fund provides access to online documents, articles, regular reports, statistics tables, different books in economics and finance.

Economics and finance

Resources of one of the biggest in the world publisher of open access books. There are publications in biology, computer sciences and informational technologies, Earth sciences, electronic technology and engineering, material science, social and humanitarian sciences etc.


Portal of open access journals, presents more than 16 000 titles of academic journals in different fields of knowledge.


Free access to full texts of the academic journals, monographs, scientific reports in different fields of knowledge.


Netherlands national portal of scientific information that contains documents from Netherlands’ repositories and scientific institutions.

NCBI (The National Center for Biotechnology Information)

Databases of the National Center for Biotechnology Information of USA that contain abstracts and full texts of scientific articles, books and reports in the field of medicine and biotechnologies.


United catalogue of worldwide library organization project OCLC that provides access to digital resources collection from open archives from all around the world.

OAPEN (Open Access Publishing in European Networks)

European electronic collection of scientific open access publications, mostly in the fields of humanitarian and social sciences.

Social and political, economical and humanitarian sciences

Access to conferences materials and scientific open access journals in different fields of science, contains more than 700 titles of peer-reviewed journals and materials of more than 1000 conferences.

Open Textbook Network

The library of open access teaching books which is supported by University of Minnesota. Gives access to full texts of teaching books in different fields of knowledge.

OpenDOAR (The Directory of Open Access Repositories)

Search of scientific information in open access repositories all around the world, which is supported by SHERPA service of University of Nottingham.  Gives opportunities to search scientific materials in different fields of knowledge.

Organic Syntheses

Database of organic compounds and methods of their syntheses.

OSTI (Office of Scientific & Technical Informational)

Portal, which is supported by U.S. Department of Energy. Access to different scientific
and technical information: articles, documents, patents, projects, conference materials, mostly in the field of energetics.

Engineering and technologies
PLoS (Public Library of Science)

International peer-reviewed scientific journal with open access to publications, which contains scientific researches and reviews in medicine, biology, ecology, mathematics, computer sciences etc.

RePEc (Research Papers in Economics)

Open access database, which contains abstracts and full texts information, working documents, articles from journals, books and components of software in the field of economics.


Governmental information and results of scientific researched of federal institutions and agencies of USA in many formats including full-text documents, quotes, scientific data etc.


Free access to more than 250 000 articles full texts and whole abstract database of Elsevier publishing.


Multidisciplinary bibliographic and abstract database from Elsevier company, which gives access to the quality scientific literature: articles from academic periodic, academic conferences materials, monographs etc. Scopus proposes opportunities to evaluate efficiency of scientific researches sorted by themes, institutions, authors.

Springer Nature

Авторитетне міжнародне видавництво світового рівня, що публікує якісну наукову, освітню та професійну літературу в галузях науки, техніки та медицини. Доступ надається до електронних книг 2017 р. та ресурсів відкритого доступу різних років.

Замовити повний текст потрібного видання можна скориставшись послугою електронної доставки документів.


Peer-reviewed academic journals in all the fields of science from international publisher Springer, which are in open access.


One of the largest in the world open electronic repository of scientific articles and preprints in social and political, economical and humanitarian sciences.

Social and political, economical and humanitarian sciences
UNdata (Social Science Research Network)

System of access to statistical data of UN. Contains multiple databases, tables and glossaries, which present statistical data from different countries and gather wide range of themes: agriculture, criminality, education, employment, energetic, environment, health, HIV/AIDS, human development, industry, informational and communicative technologies, national accounts, population, refugees, tourism, trade etc.

WDL (The World Digital Library)

Projects of Library of Congress USA, which is conducted with support from UNESCO and in cooperation with libraries, archives, museumsm educational institutions and international
organizations all around the world. The Library gices free access to the large amount of materials (manuscripts, books, maps and other documents), which represent cultures of different countries of the world.

Social and political, economical and humanitarian sciences
Web of Science

Авторитетна політематична реферативно-бібліографічна та наукометрична база даних. Пропонує дослідникам швидкий доступ до якісної наукової інформації. Надає бібліографічну інформацію, інформацію про цитування та посилання на повні тексти.

Для налаштування віддаленого доступу необхідно створити обліковий запис на платформі Web of Science в локальній мережі КПІ ім. Ігоря Сікорського. Детальніше за посиланням.

Wiley Open Access

Provides access to the authoritative peer-reviewed journals in many scientific disciplines, particularly in the fields of biological, chemical and medical sciences.


Global scientific search system that consists of the national and international
scientific databases and portals. Provides search of academic literature in multiple languages and in different fields of science.



+38 (044) 204-82-75
37 Peremohy Avenue, Kyiv
03056, Ukraine