«Criminal» Salieri: lecture of the MuzClass project

History often plays a nasty trick with us. Sometimes beautiful and fascinating myth prevails over the real facts.

Antonio Salieri became the victim of such story, depicted by the Pushkin himself. Salieri, the talented composer, who devoted his life to music and helping young composers in reaching success.

Who was the real Antonio Salieri?

MuzClass project invites you to conduct a small investigation of big tragedy together: people trust in what is the most intriguing.

Let us meet on 22 of February at 19:00 at Zoom platform, please register in advance. 

Бібліотека КПІ 22 лютого 2021 р., 19:00 читати далі

Memes as embodiment of folk forms

21 February is the International Mother Language Day.

International Mother Language Day was initiated and recognized by the United Nations General Assembly in 1999 to protect language and culture diversity. The annual celebration since 2000 has to promote linguistic and cultural diversity of the world.

Department of Ukrainian language, literature and culture invites everyone to talk about modern language issues on Friday 19.02.2021 at 19:00.

Ivannikova Liudmyla Volodymyrivna, folklore expert, Candidate of Philological Sciences, senior associate of the department of Ukrainian and foreign folklore studies of  The Rylsky Institute of Art Studies, Folklore and Ethnology of NAS Ukraine, will be the guest.

Meeting theme is «Memes as embodiment of folk forms».

On the meeting we will discuss the origin of modern memes, in particular, the language constructions, which we, often unconsciously, use nowadays, and which in reality are traditional and quite old folklore creations. On different examples the expert will show how the same language form, some expression can change and repeat for a long time, being anecdote, joke in the past, and a meme in present.

To participate please register in advance via the link.

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Cats in art

When it is so freezing, coffee, blankets and cats should be given to everyone! What would we do without these fluffy aliens?

On the 17 of February we celebrate Cat Day in Europe. The day was initiated by Italian journalist Claudio Angeletti.

We invite you to register for online lecture of Tetiana Shyliuk «Cats in art» on 17th of February at 19:00 on the Cat Day in Europe.

During the meeting we will:

  • try to find out how and when cats proposed us partnership;
  • get to know in what games played Cat Goddesses and is it hard to pull wagon being a cat;
  • reflect on why fluffies agreed to play part of mystics, monsters from hell and temptators;
  • see how cat amnesty was declared and why modern people brought the world to their furry paws.

Grab your fluffy friends, brew aromatic tea or tasty coffee, and sit comfortable.

Бібліотека КПІ 17 лютого 2021 р., 19:00 читати далі

Stories of a usual teapot

Tea club returns!

We have missed our cozy TEA meetings at the KPI Library exTrEmAlly, so we have decided to renew in the new year activities of TEA club.

On the meetings we will talk about everything connected to the «tea» theme: history, traditions,
rituals, and special attribute «for tea».

First meeting on the 10 th of February at 19:00 will be dedicated to the question how the usual
TEApot was born. We will learn where, when and in which circumstances it appeared, about
traditions of making and using this special ware in different countries.

Lecture will be held on condition of previous registration.

Link to the Zoom meeting will be send to your email in 2 hours before the event.

We invite you during online meeting to make a cup of your favorite TEA and recall interesting, funny, wise tea stories that has ever happened to you or which you have heard.

We hope that our meetings will be interesting and useful for you!

Бібліотека КПІ 10 лютого 2021 р., 19:00 читати далі

The Antarctic and Vernadsky Research Base

Warm online-talk in Zoom about cold Antarctic and about polar stations. In particular, about
Ukrainian Antarctic station Vernadsky Research Base.

On the 9 th of February at 19:00 after previous registration you will learn:

  • how people work in completely unfavorable conditions, and what geophysical processes are happening there;
  • about the researches to which is dedicated academic activity in Antarctic;
  • about work and daily life of polar researchers;
  • about the difficulties and challenges that are waiting for those who chose to spend
    a year of their life captured by snow and ice, and is it worth everything;
  • what is interesting in the location of our Base and what are its nearest perspectives.

Link to our online event will be sent to your email on the 9 th of February at 17:00.

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Seed swap day

Every year in the last Saturday of January National seed swap day is celebrated.

In USA the initiative of ‘seeds library’ has become popular. In Ukraine it just begins to develop, but libraries already have interesting experience and are ready to share it with community.

This year Seed snap day is on the 30 of January, but we celebrate it a little bit earlier and invite you to join!

On 29 th of January at 16:00 within the framework of project Eco-friendly Library we will talk:

  • about the project Seeds library with executive director of Live modern library – Charity fund Library Country Luciena Shum;
  • about new ecological initiative and libraries experience in seeds exchange;
  • about how you can join the project and organize seeds exchanges.

To participate please register in advance via the link.
Link of Zoom-conference you will receive on your email in two hours before the meeting.

Бібліотека КПІ 29 січня 2021 р., 11:00 читати далі

Harry Harrison: the forgotten classics of science fiction: online lecture

Harry Harrison was a writer, editor of science fiction magazines, illustrator, author of more than 200 published stories and 50 novels. On January, 26, at 19:00 on Zoom platform we will talk about his works:

  • Adventure «Deathworld»;
  • Cloak-and-dagger «The Stainless Steel Rat»;
  • Antimilitaristic «Bill, the Galactic Hero»;
  • Alternative «West of Eden»

… and about other stories with breath-taking adventures, unexpected plot twists, and obligatory author’s sense of humor.

To participate online lecture please register via the link.

Link to the zoom-conference you will receive to your email two hours before the meeting begins.

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Vivaldi phenomenon: online lecture of MusClass project

he last genius of Italian Baroque. Italian Bach. Red padre. Composer, whose music, being serious, is still understandable to everyone.

That is all about Antonio Vivaldi! How Vivaldi managed to become desired music companion to everyone? Why avid supporters of light music genres, who think that classic music is weird and boring, make an exception for Vivaldi?

Everyone is excited about his music, and that excitement is sincere.

MusClass project invites you to share excitement about classical works of Antonio Vivaldi that became hits for ages and conquered millions of admirers.

Online meeting will be held on 27 of January at 19:00 at Zoom platform, registration needed.

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Postgraduate is asking, librarian is answering

Are you studying and are in process of own academic research? Clearly enough that on different research stages lots of questions appear:

  • Where and how to find reliable information;
  • How to save your search results;
  • How not to violate the principles of academic integrity incidentally;
  • How to cite sources and format reference list according to the Ukrainian or international standards.

These are the questions the experts of KPI Education and research support center are ready to answer live.

Dedicated to the International Day of Postgraduate Student on 21 January at 16:00 KPI Library invites ALL INTERESTED postgraduates for online fast question round (question-answer). During one hour we will answer your questions.

To participate the event please register in advantage via the link and ask questions on the themes mentioned. Registration form. 

Link to zoom-conference you will receive by your email in 2 hours before the meeting.

Receive answers and save time for your research!

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Where the Old New Year comes from?

We celebrated New Year, Christmas, and here we have a new holiday – Old New Year!

Is it New or Old? And «Where the Old New Year comes from»?

That is what on the 13 th January at 18:00 our dear and loved Mykhailo Borysovych Kalnyckyi will tell us. He is a historian, expert in Kyiv history, writer, journalist, and we are always looking forward to meeting him!

Online lecture will be held on Zoom platform, join after registration.

Бібліотека КПІ 13 січня 2021 р., 18:00 читати далі


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