Greter’s and Kryvanek’s educational studies

Greter’s and Kryvanek’s educational studies

Greter’s and Kryvanek’s studies – KPI Library educational project, a platform for comfortable studying, self-education, leisure, communication, generation of ideas and development of own projects, which unites creative people and enables the production of ideas.
Within the framework of Greter’s and Kryvanek’s educational studies our Library cooperates with successful leaders, entrepreneurs, business coaches, experts in different fields, that conduct open lectures, trainings, workshops on a topic that the youth is interested in: from graphic design, financial literacy, project management to robotics, 3-D modeling.

Save KPI history

Save KPI history – a social project of KPI Library dedicated to the 120 years of Kyiv Polytechnic, within the framework of which anyone can present to the Library valuable materials on University history and by this save for the history.
We invite students, university staff, employees and their family members to join collecting the materials, search in their archives, departments’ and home libraries.
We want to save for the future generations unique testimonies of the university’s diverse life, and we would be happy to receive printed and unprinted gifts.

Donate a book to a student

Donate a book to a student – a charitable project of KPI Library to fill in the Library book collections with the latest useful and interesting literature.
During 2018 any person who wants to support the Library can donate study materials, nonfiction, fiction, business, and motivational literature, books on leadership, management, self-development, etc. to the Library.

Digital Library

Digital Library – web-portal with digitized historical, scientific, cultural materials from KPI Library collections. The project gives anyone interested chance to watch on open access digitized publications, photo-, audio and video materials, archive documents from cultural assets.

Inklusivelab for people with disabilities

Inclusive laboratory – a social project of KPI Library, modern laboratory with assisting technologies for people, who:
– do not see or have vision problems.
– have muscle-skeleton disorders (have arthritis, infantile cerebral paralysis, etc.) or have an illness for a long time that leads to complications in movement, use invalid carriage or walking frame.



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