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Library Eco-friendly

Library Eco-friendly

Library Eco-friendly is the project of KPI Library opened on the 30th of September 2019, the International library day. The project is aimed to promote deliberate consumption, minimizing wastes, and spreading eco-habits by personal example.

Greter and Kryvanek educational studies

Greter and Kryvanek educational studies are an open educational platform for purposeful leisure, education, self-development, generation of ideas and design of own projects. That is quality content in a comfortable environment.

Save the KPI history

We want to create the collection of valuable materials on the history of Kyiv Polytechnic to save for future generations the unique witnesses of the diverse university life.

Book for a student

Everyone has a «shelf» with books that have inspired to new achievements, helped to become
better in our activities, the pages of which answered the questions that bothered us for so long.

Digital Library

Digital Library – web-portal with digitized historical, scientific, cultural materials from KPI Library collections. The project gives anyone interested chance to watch on open access digitized publications, photo-, audio and video materials, archive documents from cultural assets.

Inclusive environment at the KPI Library

KPI Library is a unique architecture object, the example of Soviet modernism. However, when the Library was in project, the constructors did not take into consideration the needs of every person, person with muscle-skeleton disorder, person with visual impairment, mother with a baby in a pushchair



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