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Library Eco-friendly

Library Eco-friendly is the project of KPI Library opened on the 30th of September 2019, the International library day. The project is aimed to promote deliberate consumption, minimizing wastes, and spreading eco-habits by personal example.
The project is implemented in the directions:

Waste sorting

At the Library, there are containers for separate waste sorting. Now we together
with our users sort bottles marked PET-1, and paper, which we send to the recycling
of company TOV VtormaUA that recycles wastes without harm to the environment.
In the future, we plan to put more sorting containers at the library (place them on all
the floors) and to sort more kinds of waste due to the needs of users.

Organization of open events on ecological themes

Together with authoritative spokespeople of Ukrainian eco-society, we hold the
educational events that are based on the 5R principle (recycle, reduce, refuse, reuse, rot)
and complex approach to informing the users about modern ecological problems
and sustainable business in general. To choose the most challenging and useful for the community themes of events we cooperate with the Eco department of university campus Students council.

Creation of visual information

To promote conscious consumption among our users we create informational posters
for sorting stations and posts, infographics, visualizations on sorting rules, useful eco-
habits, ecological myths, and life-hacks that we publish on our channels on Facebook,
Telegram, Instagram, and Youtube. All the published information can be found with our hashtag #eco_kpilibrary.

Making the library a green space

Within the framework of the project, the renovation of library plants is planned to
renew the design and create comfortable conditions for the users. On our own, we minimize the amount of inadaptable (sick) plants, replace old and tight pots with new ones. In this direction, the Library needs the help of professionals considering the number of plants and sizes of the organization.
In October 2019 we cooperated with the company First Floral Company, which
counted for us the cost of renewal of floral planting for one floor and Library hall. Due
to the given calculations and visualizations of First Floral Company, we are looking for
sponsors and philanthropists for the renovation of green plantations to create better space for our users.

Perspective plans

Project Library Eco-friendly calls for global and long-term work on providing the tasks:

  • change incandescent lamps to the low-energy light bulbs, and also lamps with motion detectors for the rooms of the internal use and toilet rooms to use the electricity in an optimum way;
  • modernization of old bathroom and lavatory equipment due to modern technologies to save water;
  • a search of finances to develop the project of renewal of the old Library vent system and further implementation due to the line-up.

Now we have from the experts of TOV Mepan price estimate of vent system analysis and its further reparation plan;

  • putting drinking fountain at the library space to stimulate visitors use reusable bottles and cups (as eco-conscious students have requested);
  • put bicycle parking near the Library for students and university staff who use eco-friendly transport.

Support the project

Project Library Eco-friendly has a long-term perspective and calls for financial support from socially responsible companies, business community delegates, philanthropists.
You can help the project Library Eco- friendly financially, transferring money as charitable contributions, or become a partner in a relevant direction. The library is open for cooperation and dialogue.

Bank account details for charitable contributions:

Receiving Organization: Благодійна організація «Благодійний фонд “Асоціація випускників Київського політехнічного інституту імені Ігоря Сікорського”»
Address: 03056 м. Київ, проспект Перемоги, будинок 37, корпус 1, оф. 264
EDRPOU: 35757032
Score: UA853052990000026000016209702
Purpose of payment: For the development of eco-project of the KPI Library




+38 (044) 204-82-75
37 Beresteysʹkyy (Peremohy) Avenue,
Kyiv, 03056, Ukraine

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