KPI Library is always open for cooperation. Together with our partners we implement educational, social, cultural projects, organize multiple events, develop ground for the communication of students, professors, and employers, also deliver lot of fascinating ideas. If you or your organization have interesting initiative or desire to join implementing our projects – we are looking forward to seeing you!

of KPI Library


An international off-politics non-profit organization for youth. AISEC gives the youth an opportunity to open and develop own potential for making positive impact on society.

BEST (Board of European Students of Technology)

Non-profit students’ apolitical organization that ensures cooperation, communication and exchange of knowledges between students from the whole Europe.


American IT-company, the manufacturer of customized software, consulting expert.

Goethe-Institut Ukraine

Cultural Institute of Federal Republic of Germany, which acts worldwide, facilitates knowledge of German language abroad, and supports international cultural cooperation.

Ukrainian Library Association

Independent all-Ukrainian non-governmental organization which unites on voluntary basis persons, who are professionally connected to librarianship, bibliographic and informational activity, and those who are interested in their development, unites on the basis of unity of interests for common realization of their rights and freedoms.

Ukrainian-Japanese Center

The cultural center which implements program of getting acquainted with japanese history, culture, scientific and technical and innovational potential, organizes courses of Japanese language and traditional arts, different cultural and educational events.

BrainBasket Fund

The non-commercial organization, which develops the education in IT in Ukraine.

Foundation of Regional Initiatives

Center of support for youth movements, youth organizations and support of young leaders in Ukraine.


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