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Research activitіes

The research activity of KPI Library is the systematic complex of intellectual creative events aimed to receive new professional knowledge and find practical ways of their application. Fundamental and applied researches include such directions as strategic library management, academic bibliography, authority control, modern standards of electronic catalogues creation, research on rare and valuable funds. Main directions that illustrate research activity on examples: Annual conference Annual international scientific and practical conference ‘Strategy development of libraries: from idea to implementation’ was founded to provide a wide discussion on theoretical and methodological aspects of strategic management and its practical application in Ukrainian and foreign libraries. We invite to participation the directors and leading specialists of libraries, informational, educational, and social and cultural institutions. More information

Academic and practical events

KPI Library is an organizer and co-organizer of numerous international and nationwide academic and practical events. Library staff participates in all the important professional academic events, where they present their researches and their work experience. Most of the presentations of their speeches are placed in ElAKPI.


Events that were co-organized by the Scientific and Technical Library:

International and all-Ukrainian scientific and practical events participated by STL staff:

Editions and publications

Scientific and publishing activity of the Library – the component of the empirical research system, which enhances spreading information about the results on certain printed or electronic editions, materials of scientific, as well as scientific and practical conference, professional publications, etc. Most of the library publications have an electronic version in open access archive ElAKPI.



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