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Greter and Kryvanek educational studies

Greter and Kryvanek educational studies are an open educational platform for purposeful leisure, education, self-development, generation of ideas and design of own projects. That is quality content in a comfortable environment. Within the framework of educational studies, we cooperate with successful leaders and experts in different fields who have something to tell and to share with the audience. Together we organize open educational events with diverse themes and format: from lectures on start-ups, financial literacy, robotic science, 3-D modeling to trainings on graphic design, project management, time-management. That is because we want each of our users, programmer, engineer, biotechnologist, philosopher or editor, could receive something useful for own good, raise expertise, find like-minded people or a new job, gain leadership or business skills, promote and implement own ideas.

Victory in Public Budget competition Our project has won the local competition «Public Budget 2». On the 4th of July 2017 our team applied for participation in Public Budget, our application became one of 809, and we have won! It was an unforgettable race for the victory, which we are grateful for more than 3 000 people who gave their voice for educational studies. However, there are many more people who supported us. Victory in Public Budget allowed us to buy PCs, notebooks, notepads, displays, projectors, screens, photo-equipment, lighting equipment, chairs, and beanbag chairs. Thanks to the new equipment our events became even better and our visitors have the opportunity to work on own projects and study using modern equipment. And there are even more changes forward.

Our plans Our educational studies lack comfortable space with quality lightning, electric network, and fast Wi-Fi, with comfortable furniture and working aeration and conditioning systems. That is the space where students, professors, researchers, people, who crave for knowledge and changes want to work in. That is why we decided to turn one of the library rooms into modern educational space with lecture auditorium with 100 seats, a training center with computers, meeting and teamwork rooms, free space, which would be easy to transform for different aims and events. In that case, everyone will be able to choose the most comfortable location for them to have purposeful time. We already have the draft of future space which was created pro bono by architect and designer Nikita Soldatkin. But we need financial support to implement that idea: to repair, lay computer and electric network, fast Wi-Fi, install aeration and conditioning system. We are looking for partners to help us create that modern educational space on 342 m2, a place that united creative people and encourages creating ideas.

Support the project Do you have a desire to help us embody Educational studies at KPI Library? Join our team of friends, partners, sponsors, and philanthropists. Any support from you is very important for us because it helps us to build the Library of the modern world!

  • Help financially. If you want to join creating modern educational space, you can transfer money for the development of the project.

Bank account details for charitable contributions:

Receiving Organization: Благодійна організація «Благодійний фонд “Асоціація випускників Київського політехнічного інституту імені Ігоря Сікорського”» Address: 03056 м. Київ, проспект Перемоги, будинок 37, корпус 1, оф. 264 EDRPOU: 35757032 Score: UA853052990000026000016209702 Bank name: АТ КБ «ПРИВАТБАНК» Purpose of payment: Project «Greter and Kryvanek educational studies»

  • Organize the event. If you want to become speaker, lecturer, trainer within the framework of Educational studies, organize your educational event with us, please, read the chapter Organization of events and fill online form. More information you can get by the phone +38 (044) 204-95-40 or by e-mail  events@gmail.com .
  • If you have any other ideas, how to help us, please contact the project manager. Our Library is open for cooperation and dialogue.




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