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Secret book

How do you usually choose a book to read? Title, author, annotation, cover design… – what do you pay attention to?

Imagine a book wrapped in eco-paper – no information about the author or title, just a few words why this book is worth reading.

This is exactly what we have done with book gifts from our partner and friends – business founders, experts in various fields, business coaches, interesting people who love to read and share books that can change lives for the better.

For the All-Ukrainian Day of Libraries, each of them presented #kpilibrary books that impressed them, inspired them, or are must-read for everyone, the best they have read lately…

Here are the books you will find on the 30th of September in the KPI Library – modern, cool, with hidden covers – in short, «secret»;) Come and choose a book to read on the recommendation of an interesting person.

Look for a stand with secret books on the 1st floor – all books we will put on you reader’s ID card.

We are waiting for you on 30th of September from 10 am.


Бібліотека КПІ 30 вересня 2021 р., 10:00 читати далі

Public report of the Library

«Library is alive» – ​​a public report of the Library!

Traditionally, on the 30th of September, on the All-Ukrainian Day of Libraries, we will tell how we lived together this year.

You will learn how we:

  • developed the Strategy, organized its public discussion and presentation at the Academic Council, how we are currently implementing it;
  • provided services online and offline, what we did to keep quality and service on the same level;
  • formed the informational resources of the Library for educational and scientific processes of the University;
  • paid attention to the digital instruments, educational activities and consultations of the researchers; 
  • events and learned to combine different formats; 
  • created a modern educational space, inclusive environment and projects, popularized eco-habits by their own example.

Why do we insist that the «Library is alive»? The answer is in the Public report, which will be broadcasted on Youtube and Facebook, the event starts at 15:00.

Join the session and leave feedback!

The library lives and works for you!

Бібліотека КПІ 30 вересня 2021., 15:00 читати далі

Findings between pages

With the beginning of the new school year, we continue the educational cycle of lectures «Stories about the life of old textbooks». As part of the cycle, we talk about the interests of the fund of rare and valuable publications, about old textbooks and manuals.

The next lecture will be devoted to various findings in books. During ten years, many of them have been collected and each can tell interesting historical facts.

Old photos, negatives, transport tickets, flip calendar sheets, student letters, invitations, exam admissions, library cards and book orders… And many of these documents are directly related to Kyiv Polytechnic.

We invite everyone to join the study of the history of the university through acquaintance with library rarities.

The lecture will take place on the Zoom platform on 28th of September at 19:00 subject to prior registration.

A link to the Zoom conference will be sent to your email address on the day of the event.

Бібліотека КПІ 28 вересня 2021., 19:00 читати далі

Eric Satie’s musical revolution: a lecture by the MuzClass project

MuzKlas is back!

This time the topic of the meeting will be «Eric Sati’s Music Revolution».

Furniture music – what is it? What is an ambient? The best answer would be to get acquainted with the work of Eric Satie – a dreamer and misanthrope, conceptualist and eccentric prophet of boredom.

Visit MusicClass and feel the exquisite carnival action that lasts a lifetime, where music was only one of the components.

See you on 22nd of September at 19:00 on the Zoom platform subject to prior registration.

The link to the Zoom conference will be sent to your e-mail on the day of the event

Бібліотека КПІ 22 вересня 2021., 19:00 читати далі

Watching the movie «Le Magnifique»

Another screening from PostArt!

This time it is dedicated to the memory of Jean-Paul Belmondo! We will watch the movie «Le Magnifique».

 Year: 1973 

Genre: comedy

 Director: Philippe de Brock 

Starring: Jean-Paul Belmondo and Jacqueline Bisset. Belmondo and director Philippe de Brock decided to make fun of «Bondian», and at the same time the usual roles of the actor. 

Despite some absurdity and heightened parody, there are many memorable scenes in the movie, and Belmondo himself literally revels in self-irony.

The character of Belmondo in the film is witty and sensitive, and we want to remember him that way. Join us! 

When? 17th of September 17 at 18:3

 Where? 6th floor of the KPI library 

Admission is free by prior registration. 

Warning! The film will be shown in the original language (French) with English subtitles. 

Do not forget to follow all quarantine sanitary requirements.

Бібліотека КПІ 17 вересня 2021., 18:30 читати далі

On-line event «Frankly about… Hirsch index»

We invite teachers, researchers and KPI scientists to the online event in the format of «question-answer» – «Frankly about… Hirsch index».

 The event will take place on the 16th of September at 16:00 

Key aspects: 

  • What is the «Hirsch index», what does it indicate, where and how can we find  out it; 
  • Why this index is so popular; 
  • What is the five-years Hirsch index; 
  • Why the Hirsch index differs in different databases of scientific citations; 
  • compare scientists;
  • оther questions from you.

Register and prepare your questions.

The link to the Zoom conference will be emailed on the day of the event. 

Бібліотека КПІ 16 вересня 2021 р., 16:00 читати далі

Fantastic Course. 3.0 Why read fiction?

Why read fiction? To be ready for today. Whatever is unbelievable and terrible in our lives – we will not fall into a stupor, because we have already read about it. Fiction is like a vaccine for all mankind. Many things without which we cannot imagine our lives were once fantastic. We have already talked about the history of the genre, recalled the forgotten and almost forgotten authors, introduced to the classic works. 

Join us to 

  • Follow the development of fiction genres; 
  • Hear about how ideas were formed, changed and what they came up with; 
  • Learn about the path of literature from myth (the first and the oldest form of fiction) and the Bible – the first science fiction book, to «American Gods» by Neil Gaiman, and how the images of gods and heroes have changed during this time. 

Come to the Fantastic Course meeting with your ideas and topics for conversation. 

15th of September at 18:00 in room 6.2 of the Library 

Бібліотека КПІ 15 вересня 2021 р., 18:00 читати далі

Webinar «Academic integrity and preparing teaching materials»

We invite you to join the webinar «Academic integrity and preparing teaching materials», which will take place on the 15th of September, 2021 at 16.00 

Key aspects of the webinar: 

  • what to take into consideration when creating teaching materials; 
  • legal and regulatory recommendations that will help create quality programs and materials that meet today’s requirements; 
  • how the process of creating teaching materials relates to academic integrity in the educational institution. 

Organizers of the event: Unicheck Ukraine and the National Agency for Quality Assurance in Higher Education 

Event speakers: Olena Yeremenko – Deputy Head of the Agency for Quality Assurance in Higher Education. She will talk about the requirements and recommendations for the design and content of teaching materials, requirements for authors and taking into account the interests of higher education students in creating programs. 

Ivan Nazarov is a member of the National Agency for Quality Assurance in Higher Education. Explain the legal regulation of academic integrity and the role of the National Agency in shaping the space of academic integrity and responding to its violations. 

Andriy Sidlyarenko – Academic Integrity Expert, Commercial Director of Unicheck Ukraine. He will share 5 key components of the culture of academic integrity and its implementation in higher education.

 Registration by link.

Бібліотека КПІ 15 вересня 2021 р.,16.00 читати далі

Presentation of the book by Anna Morozova «The Fourth Assistant of Saint Christopher»

Anna Morozova is a KPI graduate, a well-known traveler and writer. She has visited 70 countries, hitchhiked around the world, and now lives in the USA. 

Anna gave educational lectures, was a speaker at TEDx, created the first Travelage independent travel forum in Ukraine, was active in public life and motivated thousands of people to start traveling.

Her first novel reflects the author’s adventurous experience. 

The program of the event includes a presentation of a psychological novel about the adventures of a Ukrainian sailor, exchange of traveling experiences, lifehacks about travelling during the pandemic, and answers to your questions. 

We will meet in the student space Belka.


Бібліотека КПІ 13 вересня 2021 р., 18:00 читати далі

The first meeting of the photo club «PhotoDrive»

On the 9th of September at 18:00 in the room 1.2 of the H. I. Denysenko Scientific and Technical Library the first meeting of the photography club «PhotoDrive» will be held. 

Do not forget about anti-epidemic requirements – protective masks and keeping the distance. 

At the first meeting we will talk about how the idea of creating a club appeared and discuss organizational issues. 

The head of the club Oleksandr will answer the questions. 

The club channel  in the Telegram.

Бібліотека КПІ 9 вересня 2021 р., 18:00 читати далі


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