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History of the Library

of the Fundamental Library

In 1989, the Fundamental Library was founded at the Kyiv Polytechnic Institute of Emperor Alexander II. The first Librarian, a future member of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences, famous historian, ethnographer, archeologist M. F. Biliashivsky was at the same time the first Director of the Library. While he was the Librarian at Kyiv Polytechnic Institute (1898-1902 yr.), the Library has received necessary academic books and textbooks. M. Biliashivsky had with the book providers inside the country and abroad, therefore the Library would constantly receive the recent editions.

Years of October
Revolution and Civil War

The library continued working during the October Revolution and Civil War 1918-1921, however, it almost stopped receiving financial support for book acquisitions. Since 1922, the supply of the library collections improved. The contact with sources abroad was gradually renewed. In the years 1922-1929 the library staff, in spite of the hunger (1921-1922), poverty and continuing the economic and political struggle in the state, continued massive collections rearrangement to transit to the international library system. By the end of the 1920th, KPI Library becomes a powerful technical library, its’ collections include classical works in mathematics, physics, chemistry, engineering, and philosophy.

The Best Library out of Higher
Educational Institutions Libraries

In the 30th Library expanded. The departments of scientific and technical literature, periodicals department were created, the technical documentation department was separated. By that time, the Library also included social-economical books departments, bibliographic department, acquisition, and processing department. In 1941 KPI Library was renowned as one of the best among the higher educational institutions libraries in the Republic.


1941-1943 yrs. was one of the hardest in Library history. It was not evacuated and stayed in Kyiv, partially destroyed, robbed, and burnt. Many valuable books were taken to Germany and Austria. During the occupation, the Library lost 144843 book items.


In late November 1943, the Library worked again. The few staff members started the arrangement, transportation, and audition of the library collections. On October 1, 1944, with the first lectures at KPI, the Library branch and loan department opened at the chemical building, which was the least destroyed out of campus buildings.

New Library

The development of KPI, the establishment of the new University Faculties and branches also encouraged the evolution of the Library. KPI rector Professor Mr. G. Denysenko initiated the construction of a new Library building. It was built on a special project and has functioned since 1980. The new Library represents a combination of books, architecture, art, and new technologies. It is located in the campus main square – Square of Knowledge.


In commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the Library, it was named after Professor Mr. G. Denysenko – the Corresponding Member of the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, one of the rectors of the Institute. At present KPI Library growth rapidly, and has a clear strategy that defines vision, mission, and values, as well as goals and initiatives, which help to reach them. The four strategic directions are education and development, processes, clients, and finances.


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