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Isaac Asimov and Arthur Clark as the luminaries of science fiction

A biochemist by profession, a popularizer of science by vocation, a dreamer and fantasy appreciator – these are all about Isaac Asimov. His novels are a bizarre intertwining of surprise and logic. His works are the most amazing creations of the author, which exist according to the Three Laws of Robotics. Want to know more about these laws? Maybe you will need them to create your own robot?

Arthur Clarke, a physicist and mathematician by profession, futurist, scientist and inventor, is the author of «solid» science fiction. His books «Childhood’s End», «Rendezvous With Rama», «2001: A Space Odyssey», «The Fountains of Paradise», «The Songs of Distant Earth» about space journeys, colonization of planets and the Moon, meeting other civilizations became classics. An also there are «Clarke’s three laws»…

Online meeting on conditions of prior registration will hold Iryna Filonenko and Eugeniia Breznytska.

Zoom-conference 02 березня 2021 р., 19:00


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