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On the 15th of May two dates are celebrated in Ukraine: International Astronomy Day and Science Day in Ukraine.

That is why KPI Library invited an astronomer and scientist, and a good friend of the Library Juliana Kuznetsova.

So we will talk about the young science ARCHEOASTRONOMY.

The subject of its study is the astronomical ideas of ancient people, the search and study of ancient megalithic observatories, ancient calendars and the restoration of astronomical observations (drawings on rocks, in caves, etc.).

At the online meeting we will get answers to many interesting questions, in particular:

  • When did people become interested in the sky and observe the celestial bodies?
  • What methods and tools were used for this?
  • What practical use did ancient people receive from astronomical observations?
  • Since when can we assume that astronomy has become a science?
  • How long ago did one of the first solar-lunar observatories, such as Stonehenge, appear?
  • Who created the geoglyphs of the Nazca Desert and why?

Lecture will be held on the 14th of May at 19:00 on conditions of prior registration.

Бібліотека КПІ 14 травня 2021 р., 19:00


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