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Order an e-copy of part of a book / an article

Any registered reader of the Library can receive a copy of an article, a fragment or a chapter of a book from the library collection (including electronic collection) via email. In order to ask for a copy please fill the registration form or send a query to the address edd@library.kpi.ua.

  • electronic documents can only be used with research or educational purpose;
  • the service is free of charge.

How to use

  • please, fill the registration form to order the documents or send email to the address edd@library.kpi.ua with the detailed information about the edition, a copy of which (or a part of which) you would like to order, your full name, the number of your reader card, your phone and email address. Then wait for the reply;
  • you will receive the electronic copy in your email box during 3 working days of the Library.

The materials, available for electronic delivery order

  • copies of separate articles from journals and anthologies up to 15 pages;
  • copies of separate pages, fragments or chapters from the books up to the 15 pages;
  • other materials which are not the copyrighted works (laws, decrees, decisions etc.), also their official translations, breaking news or other facts that are the usual press-release matter, other works, defined by the Law of Ukraine*.

Refusal to fulfill the order

  • when scanning the document is against the copyright;
  • when scanning the document might damage the document.


  • it is forbidden to replicate the received copies and to pass them to any other persons or organizations on any basis;
  • the user is fully responsible for the illegal use of scanned copies received from the Library due to the current law.

*due to the Law of Ukraine ‘On copyright and related rights’, the orders are receives only for copying and delivering separate published articles and fragments from the published works.


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