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Order an electronic copy of a part of the book/article

Students and employees of Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute can receive a digital copy of an article, fragment, or chapter of a book by e-mail from:

  • the Library fund, other libraries of Ukraine;
  • funds of more than 500 libraries in Europe and the USA using the RapidILL service (international interlibrary subscription);
  • commercial electronic databases free of charge using the RapidILL service;
  • the subscription-based databases and information platforms of Springer Nature (e-books from 2017 and scientific articles from recent years) and ScienceDirect (monographs from 2019-2020).

Electronic copies of documents may be used only for scientific and educational purposes.

The service is free of charge.

How to use

To receive materials to your e-mail, conveniently contact the Librarians for you:

  • check the availability of the publications you need in the proposed information resources: the catalogue, catalogues of other libraries (local and foreign), prepaid license databases, Springer Nature or ScienceDirect collections, as well as commercial databases (materials from them will be ordered through the RapidILL service);
  • fill out the online form for document order ;
  • or send a letter to edd@library.kpi.ua with accurate information about the publication from which you want to receive a digital copy of a part of the document, and your full name, reader’s card number, telephone, and e-mail.

First, you will receive an email confirming that your request is being processed. You will receive a digital copy in your e-mail within 3 working days of the Library.

Materials available to order

  • copies of separate articles from journals and anthologies up to 15 pages;
  • copies of separate pages, fragments or chapters from the books up to the 15 pages;
  • other materials which are not the copyrighted works (laws, decrees, decisions etc.), also their official translations, breaking news or other facts that are the usual press-release matter, other works, defined by the Law of Ukraine*.

Refusal of order

  • if scanning a document violates copyright law;
  • if scanning a document may damage the document.


  • it is forbidden to reproduce the received copies, transfer them on any basis to other persons and organizations;
  • using scanned parts of documents received from the Library without permission is strictly prohibited under current legislation.

*according to the Law of Ukraine “Про авторське право і суміжні права“, orders are accepted only for copying and delivery of individual published articles and excerpts from published printed works


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