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How can I renew period of using borrowed materials?

If you are running out of time of using the materials you borrowed home, you can renew the period of use with My Account:

  • open chapter «Loans» and in the list of borrowed items find the one you need to renew;
  • press its number in the list or author’s surname in column «Author» you will see the detailed information;
  • press «Renew» (if the item is allowed to renew, the button will be active) and the period of use will be prolonged.

Renewal has its limits:

  • document, loaned home, is renewed exactly for the period you already have it. If you took a book for 3 months, have read it for a month and want to renew it, than it will be renewed only for a month. If have been reading the book for 2 months and 29 days, than the book will be renewed for 2 months and 29 days. It is more preferable for you to renew the book closer to the end of the period of use;
  • maximal period you can prolong period of use is actually the period this item can be borrowed for. For example, item with status «Three months» can be renewed maximum for three months in one time (in 1 day before the end of period of use);
  • educational editions that are loaned for 1 studying year are not renewed;
  • you can renew item only 2 times.


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