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How can I order online?

  • enter My Account in the electronic catalogue – catalogue – enter your «readers barcode» (login) and «Password»;
  • search materials on some subjects. Choose from the list of publications the one you need and press «All items» on the right side;
  • choose the item with the status you need and press «Request» (you need to pay attention to the «Item status», because «Reading room» means that you can only use the item in reading room, all other statuses – term, for which you could borrow the item home). On the screen the order form for the particular item will open;
  • In the field «Delivery» choose a place where it will be convenient for you to take the order (for example, Check-out desk, 2 floor) and press «Continue»;
  • on the page that opens you can send your order or return to editing previous data. Press «Continue» to finish the registration of your order. The system will inform you that your order has been registered and where to take it.


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