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Order list of references for the syllabus

Professors of KPI can use our assistance in selecting educational materials and resources that can supplement the list of main and additional information references of the academic discipline’s work program (syllabus).

Our subject librarians will offer you information resources from the funds of the KPI Library, the electronic archive of the University (ELAKPI), publicly available resources.

  • the service is free of charge.


We will send information to your e-mail address in the form of a list of information resources according to your request. Links to documents from the Library’s fund and to public domain electronic resources will be included on the list.

After reading the list, select the resources that best fit the syllabus and add other materials as needed. You can send the list of references you have prepared to the subject librarian, who will help you issue it according to ДСТУ ГОСТ 7.1:2006  «Бібліографічний запис. Бібліографічний опис. Загальні вимоги та правила складання».


Responses to requests are provided within 2-3 working days of the Library.



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