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Author identifier

By adding an identifier such as ORCID, a scientific paper is securely and unambiguously associated with a specific researcher.

Guidelines for registering a researcher profile in ORCID (in Ukrainian)

ORCID is an open and non-commercial project aimed at creation and supporting a registry of unique researcher identifiers. It provides a transparent and comprehensive way to represent the results of research and scientific activity. ORCID allows for the following:

  • Correct identification of a researcher 
  • Establishing  connections with other unique author identifiers such as Scopus AuthorID  and ResearcherID, among others
  • Safe and accurate linking of information about researchers with their complete, precise, and up-to-date scientific achievements.

Guidelines for creating ResearcherID on PUBLONS.

Instructions for creating an author profile ResearcherID on PUBLONS.

ResearcherID is an international system for the personal identification of authors of scientific publications. It is used to identify authors in international databases, particularly in Web of Science. ResearcherID allows for the following:

  • Creating a researcher profile and including different variations of name spelling in Latin characters
  • Compiling a list of own publications,including those indexed in the Web of Science databases and those not indexed
  • identifying individual scientometric indicators such as the citation index and Hirsch index)
  • associating a researcher profile with their ORCID.


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