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Storage, dissemination of data and research results

ELAKPI, the Electronic Archive of Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute

Figshare – a universal repository, designed to store and manage scientific documents. It allows you to organize the results of your scientific research privately and securely, and to make them visible, accessible and cited. Researchers can save and share their results, including numbers, data sets, images, and videos, for free.

re3data – a global registry of research data repositories.

Zenodo – a universal repository, supported by OpenAIRE and CERN, offers researchers to host datasets, allows them to upload up to 50 GB. Each Zenodo deposit receives for free a unique DOI that is conventionally divided into Version DOIs and Concept DOIs: the first indicates a specific version of the document, and the second leads to a page where you can view all its versions.


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