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Order the book from other library

Books from other libraries can only be ordered by registered students and employees of Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute if such documents are not in the catalogue.

Libraries and organizations in Ukraine can order printed editions from the Library’s fund through the interlibrary subscription.

  • the service does not include manuscripts, dissertations, abstracts, reports, patents, standards, newspaper binders, and valuable or rare publications;
  • the service is free of charge.

How to use (for users)

  • check whether the required edition is missing in the catalog;

  • fill out the online form or send a letter to mba@library.kpi.ua with accurate information about the publication, your full name, reader’s ticket number, telephone, and e-mail. Wait for the confirmation letter;

  • you will receive the order in the Library within 3-5 working days (depending on the specifics of the request). You must have a reader’s card with you. You can work with ordered books only in the reading room.

How to use (for the partner libraries)

  • browse the catalogue to see if the edition you want is available;

  • fill out the online form;

  • you can get the order in the Library or in the post offices of «Нова пошта» or «Укрпошта»*

Terms of use

  • books – up to 30 days;

  • periodicals – up to 14 days;

  • It is possible to borrow documents that are in demand for a limited time – from 3 to 10 days.

Loss or damaged documents

If the publication ordered within the scope of the service is lost or damaged, the user must replace it with an equivalent publication.

*postage costs are paid by the user


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