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Request for Acquisition

If you do not find in our collection the publication you need, you might ask us to acquire it. All students and staff of Igor Sikorsky PKI Library can help us to fill the Library collection.

  • you can form an acquisition request for the publications that are absent in library collection or there is only one item of that publication;
  • service is free of charge.

How to use

  • check if the document you need is in the electronic catalogue;
  • open My Account and create the request (ACQ Request), explain why you need this document;
  • each of your requests will be considered, and in case of the positive decision we will purchase the documents and add to the Library collection.


We might reject your request in such cases:

  • there are enough items of certain document in Library collection*;
  • the document you have requested is not available for purchase**.

*we take into consideration how often that document is borrowed, evaluate the content and physical state of the items, also consult with the University staff from the relevant departments, and Librarians

**first, librarians search for the item and check all the possibilities to purchase that document


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