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Researchers in Wikipedia

The free encyclopedia ‘Wikipedia’ – popular resource among the users of different age and social status, used for the search of information. Wikipedia has a lot of pages that might be interesting for the researchers, e.g. about famous scientists, scientific events, academic journals, etc. Pages of different ideas might be enhanced by the links to the researches of scientists who developed those ideas and studied those concepts.

We invite our researchers to join editing and creating Wikipedia pages. The Library consultants might help you to:

  • Create/edit page of the researcher in the encyclopedia
  • Create/edit page in the category «Видання КПІ»
  • Add main works to the page of scientist
  • Add citation to the paged of particular concepts or ideas

To create the Igor Sikorsky KPI researcher page you need the following information: general information about the scientist (year and place of birth, academic degree, academic honors), circle of academic interests, main dates of life and scientific activity, information about education, working, scientific and public activity, list of publications, the most important works, prizes, awards.

To create the page of Igor Sikorsky KPI publication, you will need general information about the publication (date of foundation, subjects, ISSN, frequency, founder, publisher), the field of study and problematic, editorial board, structure, access policy to the papers, indexation in the databases, contact information.

Consultations on editing your profile and creating pages you can receive at the Center for Education and Research Support (KPI Library, 4th Floor, room 4.4).

The components of the researcher’s image: communication

Social networks for scientists


Academic social network. It’s services allow users to share documents, ask and answer questions of participants, search new possibilities for cooperation. Like Zenodo and Figshare it gives DOI for your documents for free. Calculates its indicator RG Score for the network users.


The service combined functional abilities of a bibliographic manager and social network for researchers. It helps to search scientists with the same research interests and geographic location, create groups to exchange information and work together. Supplies materials overview and author page statistics.