Canarian islands. Why Tenerife is cool?

You want all together and in one vacation? You desire to understand what in traveling attracts you the most? You want receive maximum impressions for the money you spend? Then you should go to Tenerife!

That island is a pearl not only out of Canarian islands, but out of all the islands of Atlantics. Tenerife is very hospitable and has attractions for everyone: sunny beaches and warm ocean, gastronomic specialties of Mediterranean cuisine, fresh fruits, surfing, paragliding, night life, picturesque landscapes, mountains, tracking, ancient forests.

That is Tenerife where highly rated Hollywood movies are shot. Here you can ride rapid and quite dangerous serpentinous descents. Want to walk over the clouds? You are welcome! And those are not the all the advantages of the island.

A trip to Tenerife was spontaneous idea of Dmytro Karpov, and in result that travel became one of the best in life. That experience Dmytro will gladly share at the online-meeting that will take place on 21 May at 19:00. We will see the most beautiful locations, how and when to get them, preparation, aspects of organization, personal recommendations, and stories and fuck-ups that happened at the island.

You can register via Messenger.

Or with the website of Evening school of traveling.

Online-meeting 21 травня 2020 р., 19:00 читати далі

Webinar «Decision-oriented journalism»

The presenter Viktoriia Spashchenko is a coach, trainer and speaker, practitioner of Decision-Oriented approach, and author of practical guide «How to solve problems not discussing them. Decision-Oriented approach for managers and others».

You will get to know why the communication oriented on the decision (not on the problem) is the straight way to the desired changes, and also how «Decision-Oriented approach» is used by the journalists in different countries. We hope that the webinar will help you to decide whether you should apply that approach in your own life and professional activity.

For journalists, students, teachers, bloggers, activists of non-governmental organizations.
When: 9.04.2020
Time: 12:00 – 13:30

To attend please fill the form.

Webinar will be held at the ZOOM platform.
Registered participants will receive link.

Бібліотека КПІ 09 квітня 2020 р., 12:00 читати далі

No events at the Library till the end of April

Due to the epidemiological situation in the world and in Ukraine events at the KPI Library are cancelled from the 11th of March till the 1st of April. We will inform about the further actions
towards events at the Library by additional announcements.

Бібліотека КПІ читати далі

«How to open own ecological business and not to lose senses»

The answer to this question we invite you to find together with Daryna Antonenko, the founder of the Ukrainian brand of craft accessories Re:ban.

Visit the lecture and get to know more about:

  • the experience of having the idea of Re:ban brand and ecological business in general;
  • term «upcycling»;
  • bright Ukrainian examples of start-ups that provide upcycling.

Registration via link

KPI Library, room 1.2 11 березня 2020 р., 18:00 читати далі

«Effective Communication» training

Skills help each of us to be better and more successful. Communication has been a top skill that leads to success for a long time. How to develop that skill and use it effectively we will talk on the training of the business-trainer and communicator Ievhen Kudzhoian.

We will practice:

  • ability to hear more than is said, and pass information more effectively;
  • have better interference with different types of people;
  • express-diagnostics of your partner in communication: non-verbal signals, appearance, emotional state and other;
  • skills of giving a feedback and constructive criticism.
KPI Library 12 березня 2020 р., 16:00 читати далі

Lecture «Outstanding personalities of Ukrainian science and technology»

We continue studying history of Ukrainian science, technology, and industry, and this time we will talk about an outstanding person. In our fund of rare books we keep periodicals of Emperor’s Russian Technological Society, ‘Publications of IRTS’. It is known that activity of the Society played a crucial role in creating a line of higher polytechnic schools in Russian Empire in the end of XIX century. For a long time P.A. Kochubei (1825-1892) carried out the duties of the head of Society and chief editor of the Publications. He was the descendant of the Cossacks, soldier, honorary member of the Mineralogical Society, scientist and chemist, historian of technology, explorer of the agriculture, philanthropist and public person.

We dedicate to him the next lecture of our cycle «Outstanding personalities of Ukrainian science and technology. P.A. Kochubei (195 years from date of birth)».

Lecturers: L.A. Ivanchenko, candidate of historical sciences, member of the National Society of Local History Experts of Ukraine, head of the science and research department of Museum of Book and Typography of Ukraine; I.V. Ziborova, candidate of historical sciences, member of the National Society of Local History Experts of Ukraine.

KPI Library, room 3.5 19 березня 2020 р., 17:00 читати далі

Sociology Hackathon

Sociology Hackathon – exceptional event for sociology and marketing students. Here you will work with real cases and data of the leading marketing company Katar Ukraine. The team of winners will receive a prize of which you will hear very soon!

Find a team up to 4 members and register.
You did not find a team? Don’t be upset, register, and a team will definitely find you!
Each team will get help from a personal mentor.

What is waiting for you?

  • 2 busy days;
  • lectures of the professional from the leading sociological and marketing companies;
  • 10 hours of work on the cool case from Katar Ukraine;
  • active networking.

The event will be held on the 20th-21st of March.

Program of the hackathon:

    • First day 20.03:
      Inspiring session & Pre Party
      Speeches of opinion leaders and experts
      of the leading companies.
      Location – KPI Library, 1st floor.
  • Second day 21.03:
    9:00 – 9:45 registration
    9:45 – 10:00 — tasks and mentors presentations
    10:30 – 12:30 — mentors session
    16:00 – end of the work on projects
    16:00 -18:00 — projects presentation
    18:00 – 19:00 — choosing the winners
    for awards
    Location – co-working Belka Space.
KPI Library 20-21 березня 2020 р. читати далі

Lecture «How public activity influences your commercial price»

How public activity influences your commercial price and professional development?
That is what Iuliia Markhel, the founder of the international movement World Cleanup Day and Ukrainian youth movement Let’s do it Ukraine, youth leader which unites people, person who
visited 48 countries, will talk about.

The speaker will tell why public activity is:

  • possibilities of development in professional sphere;
  • gaining real practice and receivingexperience;
  • activity that helps to fulfill your dreams.

Also you will hear how to join the Let’s do it Ukraine team and participate the most global planet cleaning-up on the 19th of September, 2020.

Register by the link and join the event!

KPI Library, room 1.2 13 березня 2020 р., 17:00 читати далі

Kyiv Scale Modellers Battle 2020

On the 23rd and 24th May 2020 IPMS Boryspil (UA) invites you to “KSMB-2020”-  International Scale Modeling Exposition-Competition, one of the largest events on scale modeling in Ukraine! This year Exhibition-Competition will be dedicated to the 131st Anniversary of Igor Sikorsky

We prepared for you:

  • exhibition and competition of scale models;
  • machines of ATO and planes of Antonov in miniature;
  • innovations from the manufacturers of modeling products;
  • master-classes on collecting and painting models and much more.
KPI Library 23-24 травня 2020 р. читати далі

Literature meeting «Fantasy»

Today there is so much fantasy that the list of its genres seems to be endless: heroical, scientific, city, kids, mythological and epic.

On the 3rd of March we will together try to find out why fantasy is so popular today. And also we will define if any modern authors reached the level of Tolkien!



KPI Library, room 6.2 03 березня 2020 р., 18:00 читати далі


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